What to Do With a Dryer Not Spinning

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When you put wet clothes into a dryer and turn it on, the natural thing to expect is for the drum to start turning. However, if the clothes are still wet with the dryer not spinning even though it produces heat, the issue will require troubleshooting.
Some of the reasons behind a dryer not spinning can be relatively straightforward like a lack of power or the dryer not being turned on. But more complex problems need a DIY repair or a professional appliance service. You can follow our guide to get started on repairs before calling in the pros for help.

Dryer Not Spinning Because of a Door Latch

If you’ve already checked to see if the dryer is powered up properly and there are no faulty switches in the fuse box, inspect the dryer doors. A broken door latch won’t detect that a dryer is closed and won’t turn on the appliance to run. The latch is a plastic peg and should click when the door is shut. If this doesn’t happen, try to straighten it with pliers. If nothing works and the latch still won’t connect properly, you’ll need to replace it.

Checking the Drive Belt and the Drum

A dryer not spinning can also be due to a faulty drive belt. Open the dryer and try to rotate the drum in either direction manually. Under normal conditions, it should provide resistance but still turn with enough force. Too much or too little resistance can mean the drive belt has broken and the drum has seized. To get a better look, disconnect the dryer from the power supply and open the lid. Inspect the drive belt for damage or wear. If it’s ripped, you’ll need to replace it. Use your manual to check the dryer’s make and model and see which replacement part will fit.

Drum Rollers, Axels, Glides, and Bearing

If the drive belt is operational and you can turn the drum manually, next on the checklist are the various parts that hold the drum in place. The best way to inspect these parts is to remove the belt from the appliance and roll the drum by hand. There are usually two to four rollers that keep the drum in place. If either of them doesn’t turn with the drum, it could be causing the malfunction. We recommend replacing drum rollers all at once to ensure they wear out evenly.
When checking the rollers, inspect other nearby elements holding the drum. Any of these parts being broken can be the reason behind the dryer not spinning. They are usually made from plastic or metal and wear out over time, and might no longer fit properly with one another or the belt and motor.

Dryer Not Spinning Because of a Broken Motor

A broken motor can be a hassle to troubleshoot and replace for DIY inspections. If the dryer starts but keeps shutting off, the motor could be overheating and causing the malfunction. If you suspect a faulty motor, remove the drive belt and the motor from the appliance, then replace them with an appropriate brand-new part. While it’s possible to repair a motor, it is usually best left to professional repair services and sometimes won’t yield permanent results.

Call in the Pros

If you experience any other problems, a professional inspection is probably the only way to fix a dryer not spinning. We Repair Appliance has an all-encompassed appliance repair service with excellent guarantees. Contact our customer representative to schedule a service and get a rough overview of our quotes.

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