Washing Machine Stops Mid-Cycle

The washing machine is quite the household appliance powerhouse. But what happens when it suddenly stops, mid-cycle? Well, washing machines aren’t exactly simple, straightforward appliances. This means there could be a few culprits behind your washing machine issues.
If your LG washing machine stops mid-cycle, refer to the potential solutions below. Hopefully, this post will clarify a few things. Bear in mind, though, contacting the professionals is always the safest way to go.

Do the Master Reset

What’s the first thing that a customer support official will tell you when you contact them about the problems you’re experiencing with a device? “Have you tried restarting it?”
There is a reason for this – often, modern technology solutions experience an issue or an error that can prevent them from functioning normally.
The same goes for modern washing machines. So, just unplug the machine, wait 10-15 minutes, plug it back in, and try starting it again. This is the first thing you should do.
Now, try to perform the master reset. Try opening and closing the door about six times over twelve seconds. Most modern washing machines will restart after this.

Lid Switch Malfunction

Modern washing machines are set up so that they won’t run with a closed lid. This is made possible by the lid switch, which signals that it’s safe/unsafe to turn on and work.

If your lid switch has malfunctioned, it might start randomly telling your Whirlpool washing machine to stop working, as if the door was open.

The lid switch actually takes quite a punch over time, which makes it prone to breaking. This is what makes it a common reason why your GE washing machine stops mid-cycle.
First, check whether the lid switch looks alright. Turn off the machine and access the switch. If it’s not level with the top panel (it’s sagging), it might be broken.
You can remove the lid switch (guided by the instruction manual) and check whether it’s working using a multimeter. Of course, contacting the professionals is the safest way to go here, to avoid making the problem worse.
If the switch turns out to be a problem, you or your preferred technician can order it online. Don’t worry, these are cheap and don’t cost more than $20.
Replacing the lid is done in a different way for most washing machine models and manufacturers. Therefore, consult your washing machine’s instruction manual.

Water Level Control Malfunction

The control panel is the interface controlling all the buttons on your washing machine. When it malfunctions, it can cause your washer to stop mid-cycle.
Remove the screws that hold the control panel in place and remove the panel. Underneath it, you should see a plastic tube. Now, unplug it and blow into it. A properly functioning tube (water level control valve) should make exhaling seamless. If you can’t exhale naturally, this is likely the source of your Amana washing machine issues.
If that’s the case, it’s time to clear the control valve. Thankfully, you won’t need any complex equipment to perform this fix. A simple turkey blaster full of vinegar should do it. Simply pump the vinegar down the valve. Let it sit like that for a while, until the vinegar dissolves the soapy residue inside the valve that’s likely causing the clog.
When done, rinse the valve and try performing the blow test again. If the air flows through naturally, you’ve probably fixed the problem.

Test the Pressure Switch

The plastic valve mentioned above should connect to the pressure switch, which measures the amount of water inside the machine. If it malfunctions, it might cause the machine to stop mid-cycle.
The pressure switch looks like a gear. Use a multimeter to check for continuity or call the professionals to do it for you.

Mid-Cycle Stops

These are the four most common causes behind your washing machine stopping mid-cycle. If you need help with repairing your washing machine contact our professional team to have it fixed. After all, washing machines aren’t basic household appliances.

We hope that you’ll fix your washing machine issues and have it performing like new in no-time.

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