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A stove is one of the most essential and long-lived appliances in any kitchen. It’s never something you’re tempted to buy when walking through the appliance section unless you’re specifically shopping for it. It very seldom needs replacement or repair, provided that the stove is maintained correctly.

However, there are endless options available to the average consumer, and it’s a well-known rule in manufacturing that the more technology you cram into a product, the more problems it can have down the line. If your induction or gas stove is not working, call one of our certified experts at We Repair Appliance in Thornhill, ON.

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Stove Repair in Thornhill

In a world of electric cars, smartphones, and computers that quickly become obsolete, we are moving toward a more and more disposable culture of manufacturing. Stoves used to be one of those products that would last multiple decades. Now, new stoves are breaking down in just 5 – 7 years, but you can slow down this aging. We Repair Appliance maintenance specialists are trained to make appliances last longer and work more efficiently.

Our team can carry out:

  • Kitchen stove repair
  • Stovetop repair
  • Gas range repair
  • General stove repairs
  • Electric stove repairs
  • Stove service and maintenance
  • Stovetop replacement
  • Heating and baking element repair
  • Igniter replacement and repair
  • Surface burner replacement and repair

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Common Stove Issues

One of the most common stove problems we see on our house calls are gas burners that won’t light. A few things could cause this issue, so it needs some inspection. If you don’t hear a clicking noise from the valves before you smell the gas, then your problem is a broken ignition switch. If you don’t smell gas at all, the problem is with your gas flow.

If your cook top is heating too slowly, it might be because of stray debris or grime coating your heating elements. Disconnect your cook top, remove the burner caps and the grates. Next, soak it in soap and water. Use a metal sponge or a stiff brush to scrub them before wiping them down and installing them once again.

When an induction cook top has trouble heating, make sure your pans and pots are induction compatible. They need to made from ferromagnetic material that responds to induction heating. Don’t attempt to cook with normal cast iron pans and expect the same results.

Do not hesitate to contact us about your stove. Learn more about We Repair Appliance and how we can help.

Why We Repair Appliance?

The expert stove maintenance team at We Repair Appliance has experience in working with broken gas ranges and electric stoves for both residential and commercial clients. We have years of experience in providing these clients with cost-effective repairs for their stoves and other major appliances that hold up for a very long time.

We are punctual, professional, and fast-acting. Our technicians never take a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to appliance repair.

Call our friendly customer service representatives at the We Repair Appliance hotline at (647) 370-5557 to schedule an immediate appointment in the Thornhill, ON area.

Common Stove-Related Questions We Hear

We charge $75 for a service call, which is waived in case of repairs. Repair costs depend on the parts involved and the workhours needed to fix the issue.

If your appliance is still under warranty, they will usually repair or replace it with minimal to no cost. However, some issues don’t fall under warranty. Contact the appliance’s manufacturer for more information.

Most new appliances have a unique smell due to residues from the manufacturing process. It should go away on its own relatively shortly with regular use.

Appliances that come into contact or use water to operate can develop mould or mildew if they are not vented or emptied properly. Regular maintenance should keep humidity low enough to deter mould growth. We Repair Appliance can troubleshoot the exact cause of the smell, fix it, and provide guidelines to prevent it from reoccurring.

Consider how much a repair is going to cost versus buying a brand-new appliance. When purchasing an appliance, you will get a warranty that protects from breaks or mishaps for a certain period, which can save money on repair costs. Additionally, new appliances generally use less electricity or water to run and are more environmentally friendly.

While it’s unlikely for dirt to actually stop the range from working, it might make it harder to control the appliance, which can cause accidents. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep dirt off the panel.

A stove light that keeps turning on is a relatively common electrical problem, and We Repair Appliance can send a technician to diagnose and fix it.

Replace the igniters. Follow the range’s instruction manual for replacements and parts required. Alternatively, call We Repair Appliance and inform us of the model in question, and we’ll send a technician with all the necessary parts.

If the igniters keep clicking, turn the stove off as it might be a sign of a severe underlying problem. Contact We Repair Appliance for servicing and repairs.

Heating elements can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 depending on the damage. At We Repair Appliance, we replace the burner elements frequently, and we can offer you the best pricing. Whether your electric stove top won’t heat or you have a larger problem, we make the appliance repair process easy.

If you drop something on the stove top, you may break the surface. The only way to be sure the cook top is 100% safe is to replace the glass.

Repair costs vary based on the model, the number of labour hours necessary, and the severity of the problem. The average price for appliance repair services for ovens and stoves starts at $220 for new hardware, wiring, and heating elements.

Typical appliance repair work for electric stoves costs $150-$200 per visit. Electric furnaces require more extensive work and a thorough inspection.

Our appliance repair team is available every day and can come to your home when it suits your schedule to inspect and repair the damage.

Unless your oven is over 20 years old, you should always consider appliance repair service over replacement.

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