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If it’s time for regular maintenance or your Samsung appliance needs repairing, We Repair Appliance offers a wide range of services in the Greater Toronto area. We have a team of certified, trained, and experienced technicians that will get any appliance working like new.
Our Samsung appliance services cover everything from the kitchen to laundry appliances, and we use new parts if the old ones need replacing. Whether it’s your fridge, oven, or washing machine that needs attention, call us and you’ll receive the service on the same day. To avoid concerns about the cost, we’ll give you a price estimate before any work is done.
We Repair Appliance Refrigerator Repair Vaughan ON

Samsung Fridge Repair

When a fridge isn’t working properly, it can result in wasted food and leaking water, making the problem even worse. If you’ve noticed some of these signs, like leaking, freezing, strange noises, or the fridge not keeping the temperature low enough, give us a call.
At We Repair Appliance, we strive to remedy any problems before they can cause further issues. Our team of experts will be on the job the same day and fix even multiple issues as soon as possible. Your Samsung fridge repair will be done in no time, and you’ll avoid any additional expenses and the hassle of buying new food or repairing water damage.
Vaughan dishwasher repair man repairing a dishwasher

Samsung Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers are designed to make kitchen cleaning more comfortable, so it’s very frustrating when your machine isn’t working properly. The problems you might experience with the dishwasher can range from it not cleaning or drying the dishes as it should, through making unusual noises and leaking, to not starting or stopping halfway through.
Should you notice any of the issues we’ve described, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our professional team of technicians for Samsung dishwasher repair will be on the spot to provide the service with speed, precision, and reliability.
washing machine repair man inspecting a washing machine

Samsung Washing Machine Repair

Maybe you’ve witnessed your washing machine shaking, making loud banging noises, or even going for a walk! Even worse, perhaps it’s not washing the laundry at all, refusing to start the program or not progressing? If that’s the case, don’t wait for dirty clothing to pile up – our experienced team will take care of your Samsung washing machine repair job the same day you make the call.
Malfunctioning washing machines can start leaking water, which requires a swift response. That’s why we at We Repair Appliance never waste time before showing up for repairs. Our technicians will quickly assess the problem and fix it so you can enjoy the scent of fresh, clean clothes as soon as possible.
dryer repair man inspecting a dryer

Samsung Dryer Repair

It’s very frustrating when you have to rewash the laundry because the clothes were left wet and smelly in the dryer. This is one of the obvious signs your dryer has malfunctioned and it needs repairing. If you’ve also noticed that the appliance makes strange noises, emits a burning smell, or fails to spin or dry the clothes, it’s time to contact the experts at We Repair Appliance.
No matter the model of the dryer or scope of the project, our team will perform the Samsung dryer repair in the shortest amount of time.
oven repair man repairing an oven

Samsung Oven Repair

A faulty oven can fail to cook food properly and spoil your culinary efforts, leaving you with an unprepared dinner. It’s quite straightforward to notice that your oven doesn’t function as it should: it might heat the meal unevenly, under or overcook it, or even not heat up at all. In some cases, the appliance might not turn on. If that’s the case, feel free to call our service for your Samsung Oven repair.
Whether there’s a significant issue or a smaller one, such as the oven door refusing to close, the skilled We Repair Appliance technicians will be there to repair the appliance the same day. Don’t go another day with a cold meal – call us and enjoy food from your oven as it should be.
stove repair man inspecting a stove

Samsung Stove Repair

When a stove doesn’t work correctly, the problems might range from a malfunctioning timer or thermostat, to more serious issues such as a non-functioning burner. If your stove emits a strange smell, it might even be unsafe to operate. You don’t need to look any further for a Samsung stove repair service – we at We Repair Appliance have got you covered.
To make sure you can continue using your stove safely and as soon as possible, our team will be on the job at a moment’s notice. We’ll detect the issue and fix it quickly and reliably, replacing any faulty parts with new ones. Our service will make your stove work like new in no time.

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