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From ovens to washers and dryers, keep the major household appliances you depend on in the best shape.
When your oven isn’t working right, it can make preparing meals difficult and put your home in danger. With We Repair Appliance, you get fast appliance repair service in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Thornhill, Markham, and the surrounding area.
Our technicians have the knowledge and tools to handle any malfunction or damage that gets in the way of using your essential household appliances. From washing machine and dryer repair to stove repair, we do it all.
When you need professional help with repairing appliances, call We Repair Appliance first.
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Types of Ovens We Service

At We Repair Appliance, we have experts in appliance repair. Services we provide include repairs for:
  • Wall ovens or built-in ovens
  • Freestanding ovens
  • Steam ovens
  • Bench-top convection ovens
  • Self-cleaning ovens
If you experience a problem with any of these types of ovens, call us for appliance repair service. Our appliance repair technicians are trained to repair most popular brands to ensure you receive the best service.
From Bosh and GE to Samsung, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Maytag, and Thermador, we service both in- and out-of-warranty machines, rights reserved. No matter which brand you prefer, you can count on our professional appliance repair team to deliver top-quality services and put your appliance repair worries behind you.

Common Oven Problems & Signs You Should Book a Service Call

When your oven stops working, it can be tough to know if you should call the pros at We Repair Appliance or attempt a DIY repair. Read on as we look at how to determine what’s wrong and whether or not it’s a job best left to the professionals:

Error code on the electronic panel

If your oven has error code readings on its control panel, you could have several issues, including:


  • a tripped house circuit breaker
  • an internal wiring issue
  • an outlet cord problem (broken or not plugged in)


If you have checked these things out but are still having trouble with getting your oven to power on, then one of the many parts inside may need replacing. These include the thermal fuse, which would also cause this same symptom.


Get your oven or other household appliance repaired by calling us at We Repair Appliance. With us, you can book a qualified repair technician in just minutes throughout Vaughan, Brampton, and the GTA in Ontario. Schedule a service call at 647-370-5557 or online today.

Oven door repair

A broken oven door can impact the proper broiling or baking of your food. If your oven door doesn't close, start by checking the lock on the oven - this is a special lever or mechanism that keeps it lores such as self-cleaning.


Improper placement of oven racks could also be the problem. Oven racks maximize your cooking options, and you should place them in the oven correctly to access any pans inserted. They should fit all the way inside of the oven when not needed—or else closing up your oven might become difficult.

Oven self cleaning problem

When you run an oven self-clean cycle, heat cleans your oven at temperatures above normal cooking temperature. However, if the oven doesn't seem to be clean after running this cycle, we can look at several possible reasons for this.


It may be as simple as failing to set up a self-clean cycle when you first bought the household appliance. It may be easy to skip a step, but double-check your Owner's Manual and make sure you're following all of the steps for setting up a self-clean.


Although it's normal to see white ash inside an oven, spots of food soil on the interior may interfere with the self-clean cycle. Clean these burnt-out food particles with a vinegar solution and sponge or cloth. Another thing to consider is that self-cleaning double ovens only clean one oven at a time.

Oven won’t turn on

If your oven won't turn on, the cause might be one of these parts: a faulty bake or broil spark electrode, igniter, or bake element.


To determine if the bake element has burned out, use a multimeter to test for continuity. If it does not have continuity, replace it.


The spark electrode produces an electrical charge and ignites the gas. If it stops working, inspect for any cracks in the porcelain housing. The ground and polarity of incoming voltage must also be correct, or you won't have a flame. For help with an electric oven contact We Repair Appliance.

Oven broiler problem

If your oven just doesn't get hot enough to broil, you may need a new electronic control board or a new igniter in the burner.


A broken oven temperature sensor probe can cause problems with the broil element heating up (in electric ovens) or the burner staying on (in gas ovens). The problem might extend to not working in bake mode if the appliance’s control board detects a faulty oven temperature.


If you don't get the correct resistance readings through your temperature probe, replace it. If that's not the problem, then you may need to replace the electronic oven control board. This is the case for both electric and gas ovens. Contact our professional We Repair Appliance repair technicians for assistance.

Oven fan keeps running

An oven fan is actually a cooling fan that sits at the back of your oven. After cooking, the cavity will still be very hot. The cooling system ensures that your oven cools down after use by running for some time, even when turned off manually or automatically.


If your oven's fan continues to run for a long time after you have finished cooking, there is likely an issue with the temperature sensor. This can cause it to incorrectly signal that the oven is still too hot and continue running even if it isn't.


You will need to replace your oven fan in this instance. One of We Repair Appliance’s repair technicians can complete this task for you. We recommend scheduling an appointment with us as soon as possible.

Oven temperature problem

If you notice your oven yielding undercooked food or taking longer than it should to broil or bake, your oven might not be reaching the correct temperature.


A faulty temperature sensor or a wall-touching one can be the cause of an electric oven heating incorrectly. Use an ohmmeter to test if the temperature sensor is faulty. Contact our repair technicians for recalibration.

Stove surface element won’t work or turn of off

If the burner does not turn off, you may have faulty electrical contacts on your surface element. You might need to replace this part if they have fused and caused a constant voltage in the circuit of your stovetop.


The surface element switch makes your stove heat like an oven. When it stops working, you'll likely have trouble turning the burners on and off. When the surface element doesn't work or has signs of heavy wear on it, disconnect the power and inspect for damage. A bad element may need replacing. If so, an We Repair Appliance repair technician can help.

Oven doesn’t bake evenly

No matter what food you are baking, an oven that does not bake evenly can make your dessert look like it has seen better days.


If the heating elements or temperature sensor are damaged or defective, this issue might be due to a malfunctioning part of the appliance. In such cases, you should not attempt the repair yourself. Be sure to call our repair technicians at We Repair Appliance for assistance.


For an oven that's heating unevenly, a simple adjustment of the position of the racks or switching to new cookware may do the trick. However, if those don't work and everything else looks like it is working properly (e.g., the coils are glowing red), then call an We Repair Appliance professional for an oven repair inspection and services.

Oven light is out

Faulty oven lights could mean no power coming into the unit, or your bulb may be faulty. The oven to make sure that power is still connected. There can also be a problem with the switch located inside of the door, which turns on the light when you open up the oven.


Replacing an oven light bulb is not difficult, but you need to do so with care. Wait until the next day before attempting this step because you'll need time for your oven to cool off fully after cooking dinner.


Replacing the bulb can cause injury if there are electrical components connected or still hot inside your appliance. Make sure everything has cooled down first by unplugging and cutting power from all outlets. If in doubt, get in touch with an We Repair Appliance oven professional for assistance.

Oven won’t turn off

If the oven heats up beyond what it should, the control board could be defective and require replacement. Our We Repair Appliance oven repair technician can assist you with this.


Another issue could be the thermostat. This device controls the oven temperature, and if it's not working, your oven won't "know" when to turn itself off. Before swapping the thermostat, check the bake and broil elements or igniter as these could also be the problem.

Gas or Electric Stove Won’t Heat

Is your stove not heating up? Should you notice that your gas stove and burner aren't working, the problem is likely with the gas line. It's best to contact the professionals at We Repair Appliance for oven repair services.


If you're having trouble lighting the burner only, your unit may have a faulty igniter in. Testing a stove's igniter can sometimes require professional assistance, depending on its location within the appliance. For instance, wall ovens have their igniters within the appliance, which can be challenging to locate.


For electric stoves that won’t heat, check the elements to see if they are glowing red. Check for visual signs of damage around these areas and get an We Repair Appliance professional to check them, and possible replace them, immediately.

No one should deal with an appliance that doesn’t function effectively. Call We Repair Appliance for the best service team for home appliance repairs and save yourself and your family frustration. A certified appliance repair technician will inspect the problem and make repairs promptly.
Call us today for an expert appliance repair service near you.

Offering The Best Oven Repair Service In The GTA

Why Choose We Repair Appliance?

At We Repair Appliance, we know home appliances inside and out, and ovens are no an exception. With We Repair Appliance, you get:
  • Professional and Certified Appliance Repair Experts: Our local home appliance technicians have the tools, knowledge, and training to give your kitchen ovens the best care.
  • Genuine & High-Quality Parts: We use top-of-the-line equipment and only genuine parts, so when you need service for your appliances, repair technicians at We Repair Appliance can handle it. We fix all brands, makes, and models, regardless of the damage.
  • Reliable & Honest Service: Our appliance repair experts give youhigh-quality and fast service backed by an official warranty.

Express Ovens Repairs Service

We know how frustrating it is when major household appliances such as ovens stop working. If something goes wrong, pick up the phone and tell our express ovens repair team.

We Repair Appliance has a fast appliance repair squad with all necessary equipment and parts to provide fast, same day service in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Thornhill, Markham, and the surrounding area.

Whether you need a seal replacement or a new light, our team for appliance repair will fix it promptly.

Oven Brands We Service

We Repair Appliance services all major oven brands and models. We repair the machine, regardless of its age or where you purchased it. Here are some of the brands we service:

Can’t find your brand on the list? Give our appliance repair team a call to learn more. We’ll let you know if we have the necessary parts in stock and help you set up same day service.

Common Oven-Related Questions We Hear

Like most homeowners, you may have questions regarding ovens and their maintenance. Here are some of the most common oven-related questions we hear.

We charge $75 for a service call, which is waived in case of repairs. Repair costs depend on the parts involved and the workhours needed to fix the issue.

If your appliance is still under warranty, they will usually repair or replace it with minimal to no cost. However, some issues don’t fall under warranty. Contact the appliance’s manufacturer for more information.

Most new appliances have a unique smell due to residues from the manufacturing process. It should go away on its own relatively shortly with regular use.

Appliances that come into contact or use water to operate can develop mould or mildew if they are not vented or emptied properly. Regular maintenance should keep humidity low enough to deter mould growth. We Repair Appliance can troubleshoot the exact cause of the smell, fix it, and provide guidelines to prevent it from reoccurring.

Consider how much a repair is going to cost versus buying a brand-new appliance. When purchasing an appliance, you will get a warranty that protects from breaks or mishaps for a certain period, which can save money on repair costs. Additionally, new appliances generally use less electricity or water to run and are more environmentally friendly.

The most likely problems with an oven that won’t turn on are electrical in nature. We Repair Appliance can schedule emergency repairs to get the problem sorted as soon as possible.

Shut the oven off and leave it to cool if it starts to smell like burning plastic. Check the oven’s cavity for any debris that might’ve ignited when the oven was turned on. Remove any loose debris with care. Contact us to troubleshoot and test the oven.

If you have your appliance’s user manual, consult it for instructions on how to replace any broken parts. Unplug the appliance while performing any troubleshooting or repairs. If you don’t think you can replace the igniter, call us and we’ll send a technician to help.

Food debris, oils, and melted particles give off a particularly foul odour, especially at the self-cleaning’s extreme temperatures. Ventilate the room to remove the smell, and it should go away on its own.

The glow-bar igniter glows while heating up. However, it won’t ignite the gas unless it reaches an optimal working temperature. If the glow bar never reaches a high enough heat, check the thermostat for problems or contact us to troubleshoot it.

Usually, if ovens won’t heat, they have a problem with their heating elements, including burners or temperature sensors.

It depends on the damage to the appliance. Ovens that won’t heat signify a more severe problem. Try unplugging the device first. Wait for a few minutes, and then plug it again. If that doesn’t work, clean it.

When it comes to electric ovens, check the electricity, fuse, and the circuit breaker. If you can’t solve the problem, give our appliance repair experts a call, and we’ll take care of the rest.

The average appliance repair can vary based on the brands, makes, and models. Usually, the price for an oven repair in starts at $75. The price of appliance repair service depends on several factors, so you should talk to our technicians to get more information regarding the cost.

Our Professional Approach

If you need a reputable, local team for appliance repairs team in, you’ve come to the right place.\
We Repair Appliance provides all the services for appliance repairs you need under one roof. From washing machine repair to stove repair, we offer professional services for a wide range of home appliances.
Throughout the years, we’ve built a business and a team that can deliver the best appliance repair service and the surrounding area. Whether your appliance fails to generate heat or doesn’t work at all, we do our best to solve the problem.
Don’t ignore a broken kitchen appliance. Call our appliance repair team to inspect the damage and fix the problem. We can also provide advice on how to maintain your appliance and avoid further malfunctions.
When your household appliance lets you down, We Repair Appliance is here to help. Call our appliance repairs experts today to schedule an appointment.

Ovens Maintenance Tips

Most people use kitchen appliances such as ovens, fridges, and stoves every day to prepare meals. Aside from regular cleaning, you can keep any home appliance in great shape by taking these precautions:
  • Avoid leaving heavy objects on the door
  • Check the seal every month
  • Don’t remove the knobs
  • Inspect the burners regularly
  • Clean the racks

Performing routine kitchen maintenance will give you the best long-term appliance performance. However, if certain things indicate a problem with your appliance, reach out to our specialized ovens service team. Whether you need wall oven or microwave oven repair, you can count on the We Repair Appliance experts for appliance repair.\

We offer same day service for all clients.Call us today and schedule your appliance repair.

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