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Do you think you need your ovens serviced? Are your loaves and brownies coming out under cooked or burnt even after you’ve checked the settings and let them cook for the appropriate amount of time? For any trouble that has to do with an oven, the specialists at We Repair Appliance are just what you need to get you back in business.

The oven is the heart of every baker’s kitchen. When these appliances work correctly, your dinner rolls and dishes will come out perfect, well-cooked, and never burnt or soggy. A range of items can cause a malfunction in your oven, and the professionals at We Repair Appliance in Thornhill, ON are here to assess and repair these problems.

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Oven Repair in Thornhill

Cooking and baking are wonderful ways to express your creativity. Wall ovens and microwaves have been a staple in many homes since the 1950s. Problems with an oven can quickly spoil dinner plans, holiday parties, and create many supply chain issues for your business.

Our specialists can help when your oven isn’t working.

Our services include:

  • Wall oven repair
  • Microwave oven repair
  • Fixing gas burners
  • Fixing range burners
  • Fixing temperature sensors
  • Electric oven repairs
  • Fixing broken or shattered oven doors
  • Fixing broken self-cleaning mechanisms
  • Faulty internal light switches and electronics

We know good maintenance specialists are hard to find. Read our glowing customer reviewsto be sure we’re the right fit for you.

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Common Oven Issues

One of the most common issues with an oven is burners that refuse to light. For gas ovens, this can be solved by lighting a match when the electric ignition is out of commission. However, when your ignition is working correctly, you may need to clean food debris out of the burner grate, cap, and base.

If your oven isn’t heating at all, it’s usually a problem with the igniter or its heating elements. For gas ovens, a professional might need to check on any issues in the gas line. For electric ovens, you need to check if your heating element is working correctly after turning off the power to the oven. You should be looking beneath the broiler or storage compartment to ensure the connection is intact.

If your oven doesn’t heat to the temperature you need, you might have a broken temperature sensor. Check if your sensor is touching the wall of the oven. You can use an ohmmeter to know if it’s functioning correctly. The resistance should naturally rise as the oven heats up. Then, you can adjust your temperature dials with the correct readings.

You don’t have to take this on yourself. Learn more about We Repair Appliance and call us to inspect your oven.

Why We Repair Appliance?

Ovens have evolved to have complex self-cleaning functions and self-heating configurations over the years. Our oven technicians have kept up with their expertise and promise to assess your issue and fix it the first time. We can help you take back your peace of mind when cooking at your home or commercial property.

Call We Repair Appliance at 647-370-5557 today for expert oven repair in the Thornhill, ON area.

Common Oven-Related Questions We Hear

Like most homeowners, you may have questions regarding ovens and their maintenance. Here are some of the most common oven-related questions we hear.

We charge $75 for a service call, which is waived in case of repairs. Repair costs depend on the parts involved and the workhours needed to fix the issue.

If your appliance is still under warranty, they will usually repair or replace it with minimal to no cost. However, some issues don’t fall under warranty. Contact the appliance’s manufacturer for more information.

Most new appliances have a unique smell due to residues from the manufacturing process. It should go away on its own relatively shortly with regular use.

Appliances that come into contact or use water to operate can develop mould or mildew if they are not vented or emptied properly. Regular maintenance should keep humidity low enough to deter mould growth. We Repair Appliance can troubleshoot the exact cause of the smell, fix it, and provide guidelines to prevent it from reoccurring.

Consider how much a repair is going to cost versus buying a brand-new appliance. When purchasing an appliance, you will get a warranty that protects from breaks or mishaps for a certain period, which can save money on repair costs. Additionally, new appliances generally use less electricity or water to run and are more environmentally friendly.

The most likely problems with an oven that won’t turn on are electrical in nature. We Repair Appliance can schedule emergency repairs to get the problem sorted as soon as possible.

Shut the oven off and leave it to cool if it starts to smell like burning plastic. Check the oven’s cavity for any debris that might’ve ignited when the oven was turned on. Remove any loose debris with care. Contact us to troubleshoot and test the oven.

If you have your appliance’s user manual, consult it for instructions on how to replace any broken parts. Unplug the appliance while performing any troubleshooting or repairs. If you don’t think you can replace the igniter, call us and we’ll send a technician to help.

Food debris, oils, and melted particles give off a particularly foul odour, especially at the self-cleaning’s extreme temperatures. Ventilate the room to remove the smell, and it should go away on its own.

The glow-bar igniter glows while heating up. However, it won’t ignite the gas unless it reaches an optimal working temperature. If the glow bar never reaches a high enough heat, check the thermostat for problems or contact us to troubleshoot it.

Usually, if ovens won’t heat, they have a problem with their heating elements, including burners or temperature sensors.

It depends on the damage to the appliance. Ovens that won’t heat signify a more severe problem. Try unplugging the device first. Wait for a few minutes, and then plug it again. If that doesn’t work, clean it.

When it comes to electric ovens, check the electricity, fuse, and the circuit breaker. If you can’t solve the problem, give our appliance repair experts a call, and we’ll take care of the rest.

The average appliance repair can vary based on the brands, makes, and models. Usually, the price for an oven repair in starts at $75. The price of appliance repair service depends on several factors, so you should talk to our technicians to get more information regarding the cost.

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