Fridge Isn’t Cold Enough

Since your refrigerator is made to maintain food and also drinks cold, we comprehend exactly how annoying it can be when the refrigerator is not cold enough. We have some tips to help it return to running its finest.

Although a refrigerator may seem pretty easy, it is a rather intricate item of machinery. It has a number of components that can create concerns if you think your refrigerator is not cooling enough.
So if are you seeing signs that your refrigerator is not cooling enough as well as you require a medical diagnosis of the concern, below are some typical troubles as well as associated remedies that you may want to check out.

Refrigerator Not Cold Enough

The issues that may lead to a fridge that is not cool down sufficient might be quite straightforward as well as easy to manage on your own; however, some can be somewhat extra complex and might call for a professional. Below are a couple of points that may be quiting your refrigerator from obtaining cold sufficient.

Basic Things to Check

  • Is the fridge plugged into the proper power source?
  • Was the thermostat accidentally turned down?
  • Is the door able to close properly?
  • Are any interior fridge vents blocked?

Sometimes these easily resolved issues are the route cause of your fridge not getting cold enough. If after checking these common causes didn’t help fix your issue continue reading as we take a deep dive into potential causes.

Issues With Fan or Air Damper

Your fridge has 2 fans that are a huge part of the procedure of the system and also if they are not functioning that can be a factor your refrigerator is not cold sufficient. The condenser fan cools things like the condenser coils and the compressor while they are running.

When these items are running, condenser fan requires to run as well to keep these vital items from overheating as well as stopping to run.

The evaporator fan is the fan that relocates the air you feel when you open your refrigerator door. This fan draws air throughout your evaporator coil, cooling down the air down and afterwards it relocates air via the refrigerator. Undoubtedly, if this fan is not working, cold air is not going to get into your fridge.

An additional concern that may be causing troubles is a damaged air damper. This thing regulates the air movement in between the freezer as well as the fridge. If it is not working correctly, your fridge freezer may function effectively but there might not suffice cold air getting involved in your refrigerator.

Issues with Major Components

The two essential parts of your fridge that we stated previously that maintain the air cold are your compressor and your condenser coils as well as concerns with these may indicate your refrigerator is not getting cold enough.

Your refrigerator compressor does the job of pushing refrigerant vapor right into the compressor coils that lie on the back of your refrigerator. This pushing activity as well as its connected stress create heat. This after that creates a hot gas which will cool down drawing heat from the refrigerator.

If your fan is running but the fridge is not getting cold, a defective compressor might be the issue.
If your condenser coils are clogged and also thus are preventing the flow of the hot gas we discussed earlier, that will greatly limit the capability of your fridge to keep a cold temperature.

How to Make Your Fridge Colder

Once you assume you might have identified the trouble why your refrigerator temperature is not cold enough, the next concern you’re going to have is how you can fix it swiftly and also easily. Below are some straightforward tips that we can reveal you to with any luck get your refrigerator back to an appropriate temperature quickly.

Ensure The Basics are in Order

Go through the basic steps we pointed out and ensure that they are corrected appropriately. Points like seeing to it the fridge is connected in and that the thermostat is established properly are certainly rather simple to take care of.
One product that is quite often ignored when a refrigerator is not obtaining cold enough is a door that is not shutting appropriately. Without a proper seal, cold air is just seeping out likely through the door.
An additional easy solution is seeing to it that vents are not blocked. Individuals commonly put food things before vents in the back of the fridge not knowing that these vents are vital to air moving throughout the device and also thus keeping the unit cold.

Replacing Your Air Damper

A defective air damper can keep cold air from relocating into your fridge. If after your assessment you discover the air damper can not close or open it might be time to replace this part.
Because this system is connected to both the refrigerator as well as the fridge freezer, there will be parts you require to pay attention to in both areas. To start you merely need to get rid of any type of screws holding the air damper in position. On the refrigerator side just bear in mind the thermostat sensing unit that will certainly be around the damper.
On the fridge freezer side bear in mind the electric motor that requires to be unscrewed and relocated into the freezer out of your means. Once you have done all that you just eliminate the old air damper as well as placed the new one in its area duplicating the steps we discussed in reverse order.

Dealing With Larger Issues

Replacing both fans can be something the convenient diy can accomplish by themselves. The very first step with both is to make sure that the fan has the ability to spin correctly without debris or objects halting their operation.

Without a doubt, the simpler fix is the condenser fan. Typically, with a malfunctioning condenser fan, the repair is to replace the condenser fan motor.
To do this you merely require to purchase a new electric motor from any online resource or from an appliance shop. From there, all you need to do is eliminate the placing screws that hold the fan. Then it is as simple as switching out the old electric motor for the new motor.
A repair of the evaporator fan is rather much more difficult. This repair will certainly involve getting rid of the entire evaporator panel from the back of the fridge. For help repairing your evaporator fan contact We Repair Appliance
Once you have done that you require to remove the fan as well as its mounting clip plus the blade and also the cable harness. You after that install the new electric motor into the cord harness and placed the electric motor in its real estate.

For Help Repairing Your Refrigerator Call We Repair Appliance

So are you asking yourself just how to make the fridge colder and this is all starting to seem like way too much for you to deal with? That is precisely why the experts at We Repair Appliance are here to help with.


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So if your refrigerator is not obtaining as cold as you would such as, give us a telephone call or fill up a type to get it back in proper working order now.

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