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People rarely think about freezer check-ups before it’s too late. While most kitchen appliances can wait a couple of days to be repaired, a broken freezer full of food can’t. And even though Canadian winter temperatures may help to keep your food frozen, in summer a broken freezer is a catastrophe.
If your freezer isn’t working properly, read on to find out the cause and get tips on how to fix it yourself. Some problems require a repair by a professional, though – and We Repair Appliance can help.

Why Isn’t My Freezer Working?

One of the most common reasons for a freezer not working is a wrong positioning of the contents. Simply put, the food in your freezer may prevent the door from closing properly or be blocking the air vents. If the door has gaps, heat from the outside gets into the freezer and the thermostat sensor reacts by adjusting the temperature. Blocked vents prevent air from flowing and the freezer temperature may become uneven. Another common and easily solvable issue is the wrong temperature setting.
If the freezer door seal is damaged, hot air will get into the freezer, resulting in temperature changes. Dirty condenser coils and frozen evaporator coils also affect the freezer temperature.
Unfortunately, some issues are less obvious. The freezer may not work due to one of the internal components being out of order. Sometimes the problem is related to the evaporator fan motor, which ensures proper air circulation. In other cases, the thermostat sensor is faulty, resulting in the detection of wrong temperature signals. Freezers often don’t work due to start relay issues, that affect the work of the compressor. To test the start relay, you can remove it from the compressor and use a multimeter to check it for continuity between intervals. Other reasons include sealed system leaks and user control board issues in newer freezer models. However, control boards are rarely defective, meaning that all other components have to be checked first.

How to Identify the Cause?

First, check the temperature settings and whether food is blocking the air vents or preventing the door from closing properly. Even a small gap may affect your freezer. The air vents are most often located on the back wall or beside the bottom and top shelves of a freezer. Another sign of blocked air vents is inconsistent temperature. If only certain areas of your freezer aren’t cold enough, most likely the air can’t circulate due to blocked air vents.
The second issue to check for is cracks and gaps in the door seal. Make sure that the seal is fully adjacent. If it is damaged, warm air will get into the freezer. As a result, the temperature inside will be either too high the freezer will leak, or too low, as the thermostat sensor may be compensating.
The evaporator coils are normally hidden behind a panel and located at the back of your freezer or the lower kick-plate. Remove the panel and check whether they are frozen. Most modern freezers feature a defrost timer that regularly turns on to keep the coils free from ice. Try to turn the timer and switch on the heater. This will help to identify whether it is set at wrong time intervals or whether it is faulty. If you manage to turn the heater on, your defrost timer needs a simple adjustment.
The condenser coils are located behind the freezer. If you have a fridge-freezer with dirty condenser coils, your fridge is unlikely to work properly. Turn your appliance around to see whether the coils are covered in excessive dust and debris.
If you don’t notice anything wrong with the door seal, coils, and air vents, the issue of your freezer not working lies in one of the internal components.

How Can I Fix a Freezer Not Working Myself?

If you are lucky and the reason of your freezer not working is the wrong position of food inside or incorrect temperature settings, the remedy is obvious – adjust the temperature or rearrange the freezer contents.
If a freezer check has identified that the problem is in the wrong settings of the defrost timer, you can reset it or adjust the time intervals. As the instructions vary depending on the freezer model, check the user manual for your appliance. Most defrost timers have a screwdriver slot to operate them manually. To reset a timer, you will need to unscrew it fully. We recommend turning off the freezer power supply before performing the operation.
Every freezer has to be defrosted regularly. This will ensure that your appliance is working to the highest efficiency. To do that, unplug your freezer and open the door – the defrosting may take up to 24 hours, so you may want to get rid of all contents in advance. Clean up the water and plug the freezer back in. To speed up the process, you can place bowls with hot water on the shelves and remove ice manually – however, this needs to be done with caution in order not to damage the walls.
Just like defrosting, cleaning of the condenser coils has to be done systematically. Unplug the freezer and turn it around to reach the coils. Use a hoover or a brush to remove the dust and debris. The most stubborn dirt stains may require additional cleaning with a cloth and spray. Taking care of the cleanliness of your freezer will help to prevent issues from arising in the future.

When Should I Call a Professional?

If you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your freezer, don’t hesitate to book a check-up. You can call a technician to have a look at your appliances regularly, even when you aren’t experiencing any issues, in order to ensure they’re in perfect working order.
Your freezer may stop working altogether, or start to make noises that you haven’t heard previously. If so, book that service call.
A broken door seal can be fairly easy to fix yourself. However, a professional will guarantee that there are no gaps and will choose the most appropriate seal material that won’t crack or tear over time. The defrost timer can be reset by a technician, too – no need to risk it if you are unsure on how to adjust it.
Some internal freezer components can be repaired. In other cases, they need to be replaced. A professional has all the necessary tools and will be able to identify the problem. Unfortunately, some issues can’t be fixed – for example, if there is a sealed system leak, the whole freezer needs to be replaced.

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