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Contact We Repair Appliance Vaughan today for trusted and affordable appliance repair in more than 20 areas in Ontario.
Malfunctioning or broken appliances are inconvenient. Also, the longer you wait to fix them, the more expensive the repair will be. With this frustration looming over your head, finding a trustworthy local repair company can be overwhelming. If you need appliance repair in Vaughan ON, use We Repair Appliance’s streamlined process for hassle-free repairs.
Our technicians have over ten years of experience making broken appliances work like new. We repair refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, stoves, and more. Feel free to check out our customer reviews and book an appointment today.

Appliance Repair Vaughan ON

Many home or business owners forget to check their appliances until something goes wrong. Lack of routine service can negatively affect all of your machines. You want to continuously service and maintain all of your appliances, both indoor and outdoor. A professional company like We Repair Appliance can improve the effectiveness of the appliances on which you rely.
Contact us today for appliance repair service in Vaughan, no matter the size of your problem. You don’t have to wait for your dishwasher to break completely or your washer to quit on you. Call for an inspection as soon as you notice something wrong so you can save yourself time and money.

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Express Appliance Repair

When your appliance gives up, it can interrupt your entire way of life. Our Vaughan appliance repair experts knows that you need to get back quickly, which is why we work as fast as we can while maintaining quality. Our customers appreciate our efficient service and our prepared technicians.
We complete many of our repairs within the day you call for assistance. If we need to order a part to help you, we will make sure it arrives as quickly as possible. Additionally, we keep our customers looped in every step of the way. You will know exactly which plan and why.
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Why We Repair Appliance Vaughan

Our Vaughan appliance repair experts work hard to find cost-effective solutions for your appliance issues. We provide high-quality service in Vaughan and all over Ontario, and our technicians provide you with a diagnostic and a quote before we start your repair. To date, we have fixed over 5,000 appliances.
How? We follow a simple process to ensure success. Schedule an appointment with our flexible schedule and get an evaluation. We will start on the necessary repairs. We only use top-quality parts, and they are always available. Schedule your appliance repair service call today and get back to your regular routine.
Get quality appliance repair services in Vaughan, ON, when you call We Repair Appliance today at 647.370.5557.
Refrigerator - Appliance repair Vaughan ON

Fridge Repair

We can solve even the most complicated refrigerator problems with ease and efficiency. Our team has the training to work with all types of brands, including LG, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Frigidaire, and Samsung.
Some of the common issues that signal you need repair service are:
Our technicians care about your perishable items and your time. For this reason, we work hard to fix your fridge in little to no time. If you have gone a while without servicing your fridge, don’t wait any longer. Repairing it now will be cheaper than having to replace it.
Dishwasher - Appliance Repair Vaughan ON

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers save you time and effort, so it is a pain when you can’t use yours. A few signs that it may be time to call a professional are:
Every dishwasher is different, which is why we use a tailored approach for all of our services. We Repair Appliance can find a solution for any brand of appliance repair Vaughan and appliance repair Maple. If you have tried every home fix in the book, give us a call to assess the situation.
Washing Machine - Appliance Repair Vaughan ON

Washing Machine Repair

We solve any significant and minor washing machine problems. Broken washing machines can lead up to more than just piles of dirty laundry. They can result in standing water and all sorts of serious issues if you wait to take care of them.
There are three main issues that we encounter when it comes to washing machines:
  • The machine has a leak
  • The machine won’t turn on
  • The machine won’t cycle properly
All of these issues are frustrating, but you don’t have to deal with these issues for long. When you call We Repair Appliance for appliance repair Vaughan, we will complete a diagnostic inspection. After we identify the issue, we can fix your problem quickly—often within the same day.
Dryer - Appliance Repair Vaughan ON

Dryer Repair

We understand the pain of having your dryer break down. Our team has fixed issues from the necessary error codes to complete part replacement. We keep parts in stock from different makes and models so that you don’t have to wait a long time for repair.
Our simple and effective approach involves inspecting your dryer and giving you a quote quickly. If you have an error code that you can’t find in your manual, we will determine the problem. If we have the part that you need, we can fix your dryer the same day you call.

Oven Repair

An oven is an essential kitchen appliance, and we will get it working no matter the make and model. Our insured, licensed professionals at We Repair Appliance have a commitment to quality work and customer service. Some common oven problems include:

  • Oven won’t heat up or heats up slowly
  • Oven is overheating or seems to have no temperature control
  • Oven won’t turn on
If you check the temperature of your oven and it isn’t where it should be, it’s time to call a professional. You should not continue operating an over that it not working properly. You risk consuming undercooked food or causing the issue to worsen.
Stove - Appliance Repair Vaughan ON

Stove Repair

With our efficient stove Appliance Repair Vaughan, we can get you back to preparing food in no time. In our years of experience, we’ve solved all sorts of stove-related issues such as:
  • Burners that won’t turn on
  • Issues with temperature regulation
  • Broken induction elements
Your stove should last between ten and 15 years. You can extend this lifespan with regular maintenance and inspection. Let our technicians assess the state of your stove soon and avoid big problems in the future.
We Repair Appliance has trained professionals who can accurately diagnose and remedy your stove issue. We also ensure that there are no safety hazards during and after our repair work. Read our blog for more information on commonly asked questions about appliance repair.

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