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Broken appliances can be a hassle – call We Repair Appliance today for prompt and reliable appliance repair!
If you’re experiencing appliance issues in Thornhill, ON, it’s critical to contact a repair service that can fix the problem in a single visit. At We Repair Appliance, our experienced repair technicians can fix any type of household appliance. We have experience with all major appliance brands and designs sold in Ontario.
As a locally operated business, we’re heavily invested in helping our community. We’ve helped countless residents in the Thornhill area. If you’d like to see what our local clients think of our work, make sure to explore our customer reviews.

Vaughan Appliance Repair

We also provide appliance repair services to clients in neighboring areas, including Vaughn. We have a local team that helps Vaughan clients access our dryer repair, stove repair, oven repair, washing machine repair, refrigerator repair, and dishwasher repair services.
If you need help with any appliance-related issue in Vaughan, don’t hesitate to contact We Repair Appliance

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Express Appliance Repair

If you require immediate appliance repair services in Thornhill, you can’t rely on a traditional repair company. At We Repair Appliance, our express appliance repair provides timely diagnostic services and repair services to clients throughout the city. If you have an emergency situation that requires the immediate assistance of a licensed repair specialist, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Whether your fridge breaks a few days before the holidays, or your dryer stops working in the middle of winter, our express repair services in Thornhill are an excellent solution.

Why We Repair Appliance

If you’re searching top-notch appliance repair in Thornhill, it’s time to call the city’s most respected repair experts. At We Repair Appliance, we have years of experience repairing a broad range of appliances. We work with all major brands and designs sold in Canada. Not only do we provide effective repair services, but we’re also uniquely focused on offering quick turnaround times. We understand your time is valuable. We make sure our clients have timely access to their most critical appliances. If you’re ready to repair any of the appliances in your Thornhill, ON home, it’s time to contact We Repair Appliance at (647) 370-5557.
We Repair Appliance Refrigerator Repair Vaughan ON

Fridge Repair

Fridge malfunctions can often occur at the worst times. If you have perishable foods in your fridge, it’s critical to call a repair service before your fridge loses its cool. We can repair any type of fridge sold in Thornhill.
Before we repair your fridge, we’ll run diagnostic tests to ensure we understand the underlying problem. By diagnosing your fridge’s issue correctly, we ensure that we permanently fix your fridge on our first visit to your home. As the most trusted fridge expert in Thornhill, we’re a perfect choice for repairing your refrigerator.
Here are some signs you have a problem with your fridge:
  • Your fridge won’t turn on.
  • You can’t control the temperature in your fridge.
  • Items in your fridge keep freezing.
  • Your fridge is leaking
Vaughan dishwasher repair man repairing a dishwasher

Dishwasher Repair

Your dishwasher helps you streamline the process of cleaning dishes. Without a working dishwasher, the dirty dishes will begin to pile up. Modern dishwashers are advanced pieces of machinery, so it’s important to use a qualified repair team like We Repair Appliance to fix any problems.

We can work with all major dishwasher brands and designs. Whether your dishwasher won’t turn on or it’s making a strange noise, our technicians can help solve the problem.
Here are some signs you have a problem with your dishwasher:
washing machine repair man inspecting a washing machine

Washing Machine Repair

If your washing machine won’t turn on or your clothes aren’t cleaning properly, it’s important to fix the issue as quickly as possible. At We Repair Appliance, our washing machine experts can diagnose any problem and perform immediate repairs. We can tackle any washing machine issue on our first visit to your Thornhill property.
We focus on providing affordable and time-effective washing machine repair services. We understand that your washing machine is one of your most expensive appliances.
Here are some signs you have a problem with your washing machine:
  • Your washing machine won’t turn on.
  • Your clothes smell bad after a full cycle.
  • Your washing machine is leaking.
  • Your washing machine makes strange noises.
dryer repair man inspecting a dryer

Dryer Repair

It’s impossible to live without your dryer during Thornhill’s cold winter months. Hanging your clothes outside is not an option when the temperature drops. If you’re searching for a dryer specialist that offers reliable and affordable repair services, it’s time to contact our team at We Repair Appliance.
Whether your dryer is making strange noises or it leaves your clothes damp after a full cycle, we have the expertise to identify the core problem. By diagnosing any underlying issues, we make sure to repair the primary cause of any malfunctions. Not only do we provide effective dryer repair services in Thornhill, but we also pride ourselves on extremely quick turnaround times.
Here are some signs you have a problem with your dryer:
oven repair man repairing an oven

Oven Repair

Whether you’re baking a cake or cooking your family’s favourite dinner, your oven is essential. If your oven stops working in Thornhill, you need repair specialists that can assess the issue and make immediate repairs. Our expert oven repair technicians can work with all brands of ovens sold in Canada.
If your oven is too broken to repair, we can provide affordable replacement services. Our oven experts can help you source the top oven for your needs and budget. We’ll make sure your kitchen is fully equipped to meet your demands.
Here are some signs you have a problem with your oven:
  • Food doesn’t bake evenly in your oven.
  • Your oven won’t turn on.
  • Your oven turns off randomly.
  • You can’t control the temperature of your oven.
stove repair man inspecting a stove

Stove Repair

Your stove is another critical element of your kitchen. We offer full-service repair for our clients throughout Thornhill. If your stove refuses to start working again, we can help you replace it with an affordable alternative.
Our years of experience in the industry mean we’re the perfect partner if you’re looking to repair or replace your kitchen’s current stove. We’ll run full diagnostic tests on your stove before we recommend repair or replacement.
Here are some signs you have a problem with your stove:
  • Your stove top won’t work.
  • Your stove won’t turn on.
  • Your stove no longer reaches its full heat.

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